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February 07 2018

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“24, but go off” LMAOOOOO

This is me in math class

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The City on the Edge of Forever is still one of my favorite TOS episodes 👌

Buy me a coffee ☕


family member: why do you even care so much about gay rights??

gay person about to invent being an ally: oh? You haven’t heard?

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help i can’t stop drawing lego batman almost a full year later
i still cant believe this scene happened

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Me walking into 2018 with a bag filled with wombats and a lemon tree by my side. All is holy and good.

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Happy New Year! 2018 is the Year of the Doggo. This doesn’t officially happen until the Chinese New Year on February 16th, 2018, but we’re so excited about it that we want to start celebrating the awesomeness of our canine friends right away.

Thankfully Bored Panda assembled a collection of dog-related snapchats that are equal parts cute, heartwarming, and hilarious. These are some of our favorites. Click here for many, many more.


[via Bored Panda]



Sometimes people will ask me things like “Oh no! I had a sexy dream with someone I’m not attracted to! What does it mean?”

Chances are, absolutely nothing. Sometimes your brain just churns out garbage because it can. Don’t worry about it.

I say this with full confidence: I am not remotely attracted to either the Grim Reaper or Ra’s al-Ghul.

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Webby isn’t quite sure what this all means. Somehow, though, she feels like he’s telling her something important. Like he understands the questions she’s asking. She tucks these words away, close to her heart, for a time when she’ll understand them. “I… see.”

He smiles. “I remember being your age… I was very lonely. Always looking for where I belonged.” He ashes his cigar. “There is no ‘where’. You don’t belong with places. You belong with people.”

from belong by @ectoviolet ;o;

ALSO i just made a new art twitter where this was my first post. follow me @isaac_livengood :o)

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“We don’t have to retrain [police]. We gotta let them be held accountable for their actions.” -Ronald Lanier (x) | follow @the-movemnt


Where’s all the “Blue Lives Matter” people now?!?!

…Or does that only apply when the victims are White?

…Or does that only matter if the offenders aren’t also cops?

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I just want to yell so many good things about Britney Spears. Look at this parenting right here; rather than just twist their arms and tell the ‘smile or no McFlurry on the drive home’ she’s checking if her little boys are comfortable with the cameras and attention and if not, no problem baby boy, you go chill. And I have no problem with her staying to get more pictures, especially not when her other adorable kid wants to.  I mean, it’s her job up to a point. And we all know for a fact she probably watched the film with both the little bugs in her lap anyway. 

Considering what she dealt with and went through in front of paps….god, I love her. 

people can say what they want about her supposed meltdown, but frankly, that entire ‘episode’ always made perfect sense to me. she and i are of an age, and no matter how young or old i was, i always understood perfectly why she did it, and thought it was utter bullshit that a court could order what they did, instead of reprimanding the many, many people that felt so entitled to her that they drove her to extremes just to get 5 seconds of peace.

and now seeing this kind of thing? she has just gotten more awesome.

i remember reading how she got herself a tutor so she could help her kids with their homework. not got THEM a tutor, but she got herself one because she wanted to be the one helping them. that’s a+++ parenting right there ok?

This makes me so happy :’)

She got a court order because she was, by her own admission, raising her kids like her mother raised her. The judge sent her to therapy and parenting classes to work out all of the horrible stage-mother bullshit she had to live through. I mean, she thought it was normal to give her kids cough syrup and whiskey so they’d sleep, because it’s what her mother gave her to knock her out when she got rowdy.

I think Britney is a great role model for adult abused children and is living proof that you are not trapped in the cycle of abuse.

The purest 90s kid experience is being so happy for Britney Spears in her new life

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Cat no banana has some big moods

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two sick horses evaluating an orb

“it floats”

“don’t like that”







history fucked me up

oxford was built and operational as a college before the rise of the mayans and cleopatra lived in a time nearer to pizza hut’s invention than to the pyramids being built

I need a noncomprehensive history book that covers Known World History in time periods, like “in this century, all this shit was happening concurrently” and not just all spread out so I have to piece it together like some unpaid uneducated scholar

Mongols were fighting Samurai in Japan and Knights in Europe at the same time. 

Star Wars a New Hope came out the same year as the last execution in France by Guillotine. 

Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allen Poe were friends in their early 20′s. 

When the Great Pyramids were being built there were areas that still had Woolly Mammoths roaming. 

Harvard University didn’t teach calculus in its first few years after being established because calculus wasn’t invented yet.

Anne Frank, Audrey Hepburn, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were born in the same year: 1929.

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The chimera I designed for our new LEGO show. I cannot express how much of a labor of love this was. It took over 100 hours just to design, let alone build and is one of the largest and most complex sculptures I’ve done.

Fun fact: This model used every single LEGO color available in standard brick.

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