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August 13 2017

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He’s pretty clingy

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Wow ok… drag em

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August 11 2017

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Keeping your line-up fresh can put a serious dent in your wallet. The multiple barber visits throughout the month add up — depending on the rate of hair growth, you could be shelling out hundreds of dollars, monthly.


Joshua Esnard has patented and created the perfect tool that allows people to save cash and cut their own hairlines.

As written on the official site, he “created The Cut Buddy in 2000, when he was 13 years old, and patented multiple designs in January 2015, at the age of 28.”

This haircut and beard line-up template is an Amazon.com Best Seller and has received rave reviews for its stunning DIY capabilities. The website also features a variety of videos with barbers showing how they use The Cut Buddy to line-up beards and achieve a clean, crisp haircut.


It’s flexible – adjusts to all hairlines and head/beard sizes, strong (plastic, rubber design and durable), light-weight (carry it anywhere you go) and small. No more worrying about carrying bulky items while you’re traveling.

“It was because of necessity. I couldn’t afford to go to the barber every week…you know? I just didn’t have the time, really. So, creating The Cut Buddy was basically a guide that allowed me to line-up, shape-up [and] tape-up my hair perfectly, quickly and on time.” – Joshua Esnard (Founder), Official Site


The Cut Buddy ships worldwide, uses most payment methods, including Pay-Pal and even has a military order form.

“The product works for a military man who is overseas and can’t get to a barber. It works for a barber that’s in training…the product has been very special and we’re looking forward to moving to new heights and providing people [with] a tool that allows them to be more confident.” – Joshua Esnard (Founder), Official Site

It also makes it possible for you to keep a line-up fresh in between barber visits. $14.99 plus shipping is an excellent deal compared to the hundreds of dollars that are often spent at the barbershop.

The Cut Buddy is helping people all around the world become bosses at cutting their own hair.

(click for more BLACKAMAZING news)


Support black owned businesses!!


Black men doing big things!!!

this is supreme

August 10 2017

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Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.

this.. is so hard… to keep in mind…

that Florida feel when


always a small lizard in the house

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This is the best comic I’ve seen in months, I won’t allow any protests

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This is ….so true?


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do you ever just

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someone caption this

Winged eyeliner

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August 09 2017

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*downloads weed and walks through airport security with this in my pussy*

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Surprisingly flavorful.

My website – My Facebook page – See me on LINE Webtoon!

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smol ghostbusters

look, ok. the raccoon and the turtle from dreamworks™ over the hedge are gay. over the hedge is romcom. i know i sound like im joking but i promised you im being dead serious. dreamworks™ over the hedge is a gay furry romcom.


Sources: have you ever watched dreamworks™ over the hedge?

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